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Posted on February 21, 2024 by OHGEESY

OhGeesy - Intro Mp3 Download — Nicely-preferred and Gifted movie star, comes out shining with a company new solitary titled “Intro“. The keep track of is available on all streaming platforms. It is no query that the song is a very addictive jam, update your playlist with Intro Song and value.

The new single “Intro” by OHGEESY, the South African emotion, is quickly readily available now!

Download Intro - OHGEESY Mp3

The new solitary “OhGeesy - Intro” is an incredible song concentrated to the followers and fans of the new new music. It is a great cruise keep track of for your peace and listening satisfaction.

This sensational strike keep track of been offered it is exterior manual from a few of noteworthy singers and songwriters.

The enjoyable new keep track of “OhGeesy - Intro” is a adhere to-up to his present smash keep track of and is an incredible music that you would not want to move up at all.

This incredible vibe will definitely get you entangled in no time at all.

In the meantime, the great new melody is an incredible keep track of that will definitely be truly really worth a place on your playlist if you are a lover of fantastic new new music.

Song Information

Name: Intro
Category: South African
Release Year: 2021
Duration: 2:17
Size: 3.14 MB
Source: YouTube

How to Download Intro Mp3 Music

  • Press the "Download" button

  • You will enter the download page

  • Select the audio quality

  • Then select the download server available on that page

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  • Wait for a moment

  • Your file will be downloaded immediately

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The track "Intro" is a loveable track that was nicely created and composed. The Intro by OHGEESY is an amazing track that you cannot afford to pay for to pass up.

Moreover, the extraordinary solitary attributes Award-successful new music star, OHGEESY who sent an incredible verse.

In summary, the track "Intro" was created by gifted new music producer, OHGEESY.

In this article is an historic track titled Intro. Because its past fall the track has huge downloads. Update followers speak about this track like it was yesterday it was dropped.

Much more individuals have been downloading this track at big. Anytime OhGeesy - Intro song performs, individuals are likely to dance at big. Individuals willingly download this strike track. Think me this track will change that favorite in you gadget. OhGeesy - Intro is a banger download it as soon as possible.

The well-liked and persuasive keep track of “Intro” was place alongside one another by OHGEESY, and more than time has turn out to be fans’ preferred and is usually on their lips with fascinating dance moves.

He delivers in OHGEESY who lend their voice and creativeness to produce an intriguing masterpiece.

OhGeesy - Intro Lyric

If I ever dreamt about it, then I prayed about it (prayed about it)
You see that stack of money, nigga, I don't play about it (i don't play)
You see that lil' duffle bag, brought a K up out it (K)
Make a nigga turn bitch, I brought the gay up out him (niggas gay)
Kill a nigga for Josh, what you say about him? (Huh?)
I came up in the streets, I found a way up out 'em (yeah)
Kill a nigga for Josh, what you say about him? (What you say?)
I came up in the streets, I found a way up out 'em (yeah)
Walked in a hundred deep with a hundred guns (bow)
And I ain't gon' fight fair, fuck a one-on-one (brrt)
I was pullin' on her hair, that's what made her cum (yeah)
Then I hit her from the side, that's what made her sprung (made her sprung)
Got a glock on my side and it came with a drum (with a drum)
I just pulled up to Oakland, finna get dumb (get dumb)
Hundred-band juggy, I spent one (spent one)
On a new pair of shoes, and then some (then some)
Spend a band on some runtz and some purple punch (lean)
Hit Ruth Chris for dinner and for lunch (ayy)
I blow exotic-ass kush, I got rich lungs
She lick up all of the nut with her lil' tongue
Got a chop with some titties, make a nigga run (woah)
She got some big-ass titties and them big buns (ayy)
You be talkin' big shit with them lil' guns (ayy)
Compact with a fifty, that's a lil' drum (lil' drum)
She got a smart-ass mouth, but the bitch dumb (bitch dumb)
She done came on my dick, I made the bitch cum (bitch cum)
She forever on my dick, yeah, the bitch sprung (bitch sprung)
She forever on my dick, yeah, the bitch sprung (yeah, she sprung, nigga)
I'm ambitious as a rider (rider)
Anywhere Geesy go, a shooter right beside him
Got a stash in the whip, my shooter gon' hide 'em
Put a hit on a nigga and my shooter gon' slide him
He can put his hands up, but the Glock gon' fight him
You can hate on young Geesy, but the block gon' like him, ayy (ay, ay, ay, yeah)
And the hoes gon' love him (love him)
Got the Glocks in the whip when the bros go clubbin' (go clubbin')
Throw a stack on the bitch, show somethin' (show somethin')
12 try to question me, I don't know nothin' (nothin')
Ayy, nada, Nathan (woah)
Keep it one-double-oh, nigga, no fakin' (hell nah)
When I first shot the Glock, I was a shakin'
It's Geezyworld, bitch, the world is mine for the takin' (for the takin')

Ayy, yeah
And that's the motherfuckin' intro


This track has currently began creating massive development. The track has good language which acceptable for all age. Intro - OHGEESY is pursuing to keep on being related in the playlist of new music enthusiasts. The artist place in additional work on this track. Followers are greatly thrilled with this new rhythm.

Never wait around for somebody to participate in it for you. Know this track by your self. Never enable it move your ears. Download it on Fakaza today!

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